Friday, March 16, 2007

The folks at keep getting ruder. I think I'll have to send a snail mail letter to their CEO. I've never had such terrible customer service. They have a policy that says that I am responsible for return shipping. However, I feel there were extenuating circumstances that merit a return at their expense.

I sent the following e-mail to them after their tepid response to my FIRMLY WORDED E-MAIL!

I don't understand. Why did your customer service person tell me that you would try to make an exception when I called the morning after the order was submitted? Are they instructed to lie so that people won't refuse delivery?

If you have no mechanism to cancel an order within the stated window, how can you have such a draconian return policy? Your voice mail system was broken or unavailable. The order can not be canceled on line.

To which a different person responded:
Thank you for your email. Actually, the agent may have saved you money. Since the order was entered online, you are responsible for the shipping to return items ordered in error or in case where the order shipped prior to receipt of your cancellation request.

If you had refused the order, you would have add to pay actual cost (both ways) and a $10.00 refusal fee, which totals $38.18.

So it appears, either way you are out over $30.00


My credit company now tells me that I should have refused delivery and they could have taken care of it. But they can't do anything about the charges as long as I keep the merchandise.


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