Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Handing the kids over to a babysitter for an afternoon NOT a resounding success

I hired a babysitter a couple of afternoons a week. She's a young woman with lots of energy and I'm lucky to get her. She's got a way with kids. Just not my kids this afternoon.

Eric was tired and cranky after an unexpected nap (first one in 5 days) and only wanted me. And Kaylee. Well, Kaylee hates just about everybody that's not me, Rich or my mother.

So, I to K downstairs and let her play on the kitchen floor and let her win over Eric without a screaming baby thrashing around. I'll probably do the same thing on Friday afternoon when she comes back. Once she's secure with Eric, we'll add the screaming baby into the mix.

I just need a few hours off a week when the kids are awake. The start times of the nap schedule are becoming more predictable, but the end times are not. Overall, I'm a happy camper that I finally did this.



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