Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yoga Bear

So, I've discovered yoga about 10 years after everybody else in America. I had a BAD WEEK (TM) a couple of months ago. Rich was out of town. The kids were cranky. The weather was god awful. Eric would not nap, but it temps were at Arctic levels so I didn't want to go out. All my playdates stood me up. It was a BAD WEEK (TM). I was exhausted and stressed. I called a friend and vented and she said, I'm taking you to yoga.

I was skeptical. I went to a yoga class once in New York where 112 lb women held themselves in a plank position two inches above the ground for extended periods of time. It was frustrating and humiliating and not in the least bit comfortable or relaxing. But that was pre knee surgery. More than a year after my horrific knee surgery experience, my knees work. I can kneel, squat, climb stairs and go for long walks without any problems. This is like a miracle. I hadn't been able to do any of that since college. So, since I no longer had those limitations, I thought I'd give it a try.

I picked up my friend, my teeth still chattering from stress and we went to her husband's Dojo where the yoga class was taking place. I was still bitching about my week when we got to the door, and she gently said. "She likes us to enter calmly." And I we opened the door to a quiet, child-free happy land. The room was softly lit with fairy lights that hung around the ceiling. There was a miniature water garden bubbling away in one corner and there was a candle burning next to a buddha statue in another. The atmosphere was surprisingly spa like for a converted warehouse. The instructor was kind and friendly. She explained each position clearly and calmly. But the most amazing thing was that I could do the class and that it felt REALLY good. This was not the crazy-assed body sculpting yoga I had experienced in New York. This was like giving myself a massage.

I really wish that I had gotten into yoga when I was single and still had a horse. It would have been such a great compliment to my riding. But I have it now and someday, I will have a horse again. And if I keep doing the yoga, it will be a lot easier.


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