Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anatomy of a Frankenstein Week

I'm not having a good day. It's not a terrible one, as these things go. But my children are short tempered and whiny. Eric threw a complete fit because I wouldn't play legos with him. I have this theory that he should be able to entertain himself for part of the day. "Playing legos" with Eric, means that I build something according to his specs. I'm willing to actually help if he's working on something and genuinely having trouble, but I'm not willing to play legos whilst he watches and runs around the house, generally leaping, knocking things over and requesting juice boxes.

Kaylee had about ten post-nap melt downs. I finally grokked that something was really wrong and gave her a hit of Ye Old Ibuprofen, and 20 minutes later, I had a cheerful kid. DAMN YOU TEETH! You are the BANE of my existence.

I am short on sleep, patience and I am actually quite hungry. But mostly I'm just grateful that the babysitter is downstairs with them while I hide in my bedroom and play with the computer.

Yesterday was a great day. Eric vegged a bit during k's nap and then we did some errands and ended up at Raymond Park. It's a huge, grassy area with 2 climbing structures and lots of slides. There were tons of kids there, including some from E's school. Then we made a pit stop at my parent's/sister's house and Eric and my niece played for about a half hour and we went home and I made dinner. Rich was home by then, so I had a little peace in the kitchen.

That was a pretty good day. But it's 4:29, and I'm crying uncle.

So tired... So very tired.


Blogger Downpuppy said...

Raymond Park is about an acre, total. If anybody reading this is not from between the Chuck & the Mystic, they're liable to think it's a pretty small park.

Danehy, now - arrrgh, that's a bigun. With 2 play areas & a sprinkler right by the Sherman St entrance.

8:51 PM  

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