Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Probably PMS

It's One of Those Days. The sun is shining, the kids are reasonably behaved and I am a raging maniac.

We went to Shaws to get some bananas and some key lime juice, which is a "secret" ingredient that I use in a lot of things from marinades to salad dressings. It was marked $2.50 on the bottle, but the front tag said $3.29. I got 2 bottles figuring that if the $2.50 price was correct than it was pretty reasonable, and if the higher price rang in, then they'd be free.

That's what happened, sort of.

They rang them in and they were $3.29, and I pointed out the error, and the checker and the bagger said, "She can have one of them free." But they still tried to charge me $3.29 for the second one. So, I said "I just want the one." Somehow they thought that meant that I didn't want either and they handed me a bag with just bananas in it. Meanwhile, Eric begins to melt down because I won't play "I spy" at that particular moment.

I said "Where's my lime juice?" Eric threw himself out of the stroller. I shove him back in. He starts to scream. Meanwhile, back to the lime juice.

"You didn't want it!"

"Yes I did, I just didn't want both of them." So the bagger took me to another register and expected me to pay $2.50 for it. Eric began a full on hunger-induced melt down (plus he was glutened on Monday, so he's not quite himself at the moment). I said, probably more firmly than I meant as I was talking over a screaming child that I was holding in the stroller with one hand. "It rang in wrong so it's free." Eric continued to shriek as if being prodded with a hot poker.

The bagger lady looked really pissed off. It's THEIR stupid policy that gives stuff away when it scans in at a higher price than marked. It's not like I was trying to get away with something.

"Just take it!" she snapped. So, I did.

I HATE the products (dry goods are out of date and the produce always looks like it's seen better days and they're very expensive) at the Star Market on Beacon Street, but the staff sure is courteous and friendly. In fact they're extraordinarily so. The Shaws at Porter Square where said event just occurred has better produce but the service is crummy.

And then some stupid lady decided to take a right on red in to a crosswalk full of pedestrians and almost hit us. I yelled at her too. The walk sign was even on.

So, now I'm just fuming. Eric is making really fabulous thing with his Brio tracks and Kaylee is sleeping and I'm sitting her muttering under my breath about stupid drivers and obnoxious grocery store employees.

Sounds like PMS to me. And I'm fat this week too.. Grrr Argh.


Blogger Downpuppy said...

Again, you're out to confuse the tourists. Shaws & Star are the same chain, but for some reason they keep the little sore on Beacon open even though its 3 blocks from the big one at Porter and does very little business. (I did see Julia Child there once, huge & scary)

Star has always had high prices and deep rotating discounts. If you take what they give & stock up you can pay $20 for every $35 marked, which makes it only slightly more expensive than DeMoulas, plus you don't get run over & the pork doesn't taste like mud.

Used to be that Star always got the constantly changing prices wrong, but since the merger they do much better.

Yeah, I spend a lot of thought on groceries.

8:29 PM  

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