Thursday, April 28, 2005

I am in a sleepy fog
Woke up this morning to NPR at 4:30. I had to be into work for five AM to prepare for a power shutdown they need to do in our machine room as part of a major HVAC overhaul. As I suspected we were finished by 6:15, so when we put everything back on normal power tomorrow, we can start at 7 instead of 5.

We were informed yesterday afternoon that the buyer had decided not to go forward. I felt strangely relieved, and not at all surprised. I think I let my emotions get in the way of this a little as well. The whole thing got started on the wrong foot when I got home after the second showing. The buyers and their agent were huddled at the bottom of my neighbor's driveway having a summit. We smiled at them and they looked at us stony-faced. We kind of shrugged off and thought, how odd. Then the buyer's agent told our broker that we might get an offer well under asking. So, I was predisposed low expectations on this.

We have the best condo association. Everybody does stuff around the house and really enjoys keeping the place up. My neighbor ripped up our real estate sign, but that was not out of any animosity towards us. It was more about his complete love of the garden. He almost apologized for it in his gruff way when I talked to him about it last week. I felt bad about having somebody in there who seemed, I don't know. Discourteous? So, it wasn't just monitary greed that made me leery of this whole thing.

So, I think I'll continue to play Monday Morning Quarterback on this.

The weird thing is that the traffic on this blog had a big jump yesterday. I hope if the buyer did google me, he wasn't offended by anything he read here.


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