Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Message, A Sigh and not Enough Sleep

Eric and I swept in the door last night and he immediately ran for the pantry to get his cheerios. I plopped him into his booster seat and got his juice together and cheerios together while I checked my voicemail.

My realtor called with some news. I punched in her number and we chatted briefly. They upped their offer another 15k. I said I'd talk it over with The Husband and he walked into the door as I clicked the phone off. We conferred, I called my mother. She said to counter again. And I was like what do you know? You've never sold a piece of property. And she laughed, because she hasn't. She still owns all the houses they've ever bought.

The upshot was that I felt really free to walk away from this Buyer. It was a strange feeling. I've been so anxious about this whole thing. I looked through the real estate listings over and over again. You can't get a unit like ours for what they were offering us. You can't get a unit like this anywhere in the City for that matter. I think if we wanted to sell it for what they were offering us we'd have multiple bids. I think I was unreasonably annoyed by their first offer. Yes, there are a lot of condos on the market in Somerville right now, but come on. Nobody takes a low ball offer very seriously. It starts the negotiation off on the wrong foot. The median price of condos in Massachusetts rose 20% last year. If you're serious, make a reasonable offer, or don't waste my time.

So we sort of countered again. If they want it they'll have to get within our range. If not, we're having another open house this weekend and something good will happen. I'm in no rush, and that's what I learned from this experience. We could carry that place for over a year on the difference between what they were offering us, and what we actually think the place is worth.

I'm just annoyed because I woke up last night to check on Eric and I couldn't get back to sleep because I kept thinking about this.

Grrrr... Argh.


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