Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bob the Builder!

Can he build it? YES HE CAN!!

But how much will it cost?

We met with Bob the Builder tonight. He had no problems with being called that, so that was pretty cool.

He put a bunch of stuff in his quote that we don't necessarily need, so he's going to revisit his numbers and get back to us in a couple of days. He gave us a quote for the whole addition project. This guy was really together. He was very experienced and he had no problems with our time-frame.

We also had a different contractor come by to give us some numbers for a drastically reduced project.

We still have not sold our condo.

So, we're having another open house this weekend. We should have numbers from both these guys soon.

Wednesday 5/24 is deadline day. We have to make a decision about this one way or the other. Big addition, or little project. Will we have a buyer?

I had a conversation with a friend today about the low offer we got last month. She said that we weren't ready to take that price at that point. So, if we had taken it, we'd be second guessing it as much as I am because we didn't.

I found that infinitely reassuring.

But now that there is a contractor in the picture that can do the project, I am infinitely more tense about selling.

Sigh. Why is this so hard? This is one of the most beautiful condo's I've ever seen. Why can't we sell it??


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