Friday, April 29, 2005

Eric's Animals

Eric sleeps with 2 stuffed animals in his crib. One we call his "Cow Cow." The other is a soft, floppy stuffed navy-blue elephant, that we call "The Elephant." For the most part he ignores them. We keep them in there more for consistencies sake than anything else. We bring them with us on trips, not because he's particularly attached to them, but so that he sees the same stuff in his crib from night to night.

Lately if I get up if he wakes up, I spend hours tossing around trying to get back to sleep. Lately any night trips -- event to the bathroom trigger a strange allergy attack. So, I toss, turn sneeze, blow my nose, repeat. In general Rich says good night, rolls over and if I try to ask him a question ten seconds later, he's already out. He can fall asleep quickly too if he gets up in the night. So, if E starts fussing in the night, Rich generally goes in there and gets him.

The other night I was vaguely aware that Rich brought Eric into our bed. I reached out to snuggle him and I was holding Cow Cow. I said "Thank you, Eric." and tried not to open my eyes much more and he handed me The Elephant. Dazed and mostly asleep, I had no idea how these 2 stuffed animals had ended up in my hands. The next morning we all woke up with Cow Cow, The Elephant and Eric all snuggled into our bed between us.

Rich said that when he went in there to get The Boy he was standing there holding them and didn't put them down when he picked them up.

I guess he was saving them for his Mom.

What a guy.



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