Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It started shortly after I visited the anesthesiologist on Tuesday morning. A creeping headache and general fatigue that turned into a raging fever that kept me in my bed for the better part of three days.

Needless to say I cancelled my surgery.

Now I am chickening out again. Hopefully this chicken-out will last less than six years. There was something about them showing me how to use the crutches that was my undoing.

After much agonizing and analysis we've decided to postpone doing our addition. I think we'll do it in the long run, but for now it's just too expensive. We still haven't sold our condo and neither of us wants to use the entire proceeds to renovate a house we already own. I think we'll be in a different financial situation in a few years, but for now we'll do some minor repairs and be done with it.

I am at peace with this decision. There is one other contractor that has the plans and unless he comes back with a miracle price that he can stick to, the project is dead in the water. It will happen, just not on the original schedule. We can make the house a little less awkward in the meantime.


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