Thursday, June 21, 2007

Celiac Blues

I don't know when we'll ever go to a restaurant again as a family. That makes me sad to miss our Friday night dinners at Cambridge Common. I took a break from cooking, and Rich took a break from the dishes. I could bring Eric some food. But it isn't the same. The point was to have him order his own dinner. And there is currently NOTHING served at a restaurant that he would eat. He always go the pasta. Until he starts being open to things like meat, nacho's or quesedillas we're SOL.

But at home it's pretty easy. I can't think of any of my old 'standards' that aren't already gluten free or could be easily made that way with a couple of substitutions.

Ironically, Eric would not touch any of my 'real' cooking with a ten foot pole. But we will be gluten free, in the hopes that when he say, "Can I try that?" I can say, "Sure! Eat up Little Bitty Buddy!"

I did finally get my referral to Children's Hospital yesterday. I had to finally call and speak to the manager. As I suspected the messages were not reaching the doctors until Tuesday afternoon. I understand that the reception staff at my doctor's office needs to be fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. But surely there are lots of people in this area that know those languages that have a reasonable set of office skills?

Grr.... Argh.


Blogger Downpuppy said...

Your first post on celiac was so positive that the angry one was inevitable, wasn't it?

I had the nachos & Mandarin salad in a window booth at the Common on Father's day. It's great to be able to eat at a restaurant family style, with everybody grabbing freely from each plate.

So yeah, much empathy & all that.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been lurking on your blog for a really long time.

One of my dearest friends has Celiac Disease (she also has dairy, nut, soy and egg allergies). She eats the most amazing foods and eats at restaurants.

There are several places that have gluten free menus (which I am sure there are items children can eat). Off the top of my head, Legal Seafood and Outback (I know, they are chains, but hear me out). She also will call ahead to a restaurant and speak to a manager or chef to talk about her dietary needs and most are able to accomodate her well (for example, will cook her something on a piece of foil so it never touches a surface that may be contaminated with Gluten).

There are also tons of great GF recipe blogs out there that I get great recipes from to cook for her:

Here is a good link to other GF bloggers:

GF Goddess has some great links to other resources and GF Girl is just an amazing blog.

If you need someone to talk to about this, I know plenty of people who would be happy to speak to you... just thought I would throw that out there.

Sorry so long, but I hope this helps...


9:14 PM  

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