Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Three weeks of a gluten free house: What I've learned so far

I miss bread at lunch time, and certain cereals. Other than that, there's not a lot of changes to my diet. I've managed to convert all my meal (non dessert) recipes to gluten free with pretty much no problems.

Annalise Roberts has hands down, the best gluten free cookbook and baking mix out there. I made some vanilla cupcakes from one of her recipes, and two different kinds of muffins and they all came out great. I don't have celiac disease (as confirmed by a bloodtest) so I can go back and forth, and the stuff I made from her cook book was just as good as the "real" thing.

Authentic Foods makes the best GF flours, and baking mix. I made pancakes with their baking mix on Sunday and they were really good. Authentic Foods products are really hard to find in Massachusetts. (At least in Metro Boston.) I've found a place in Concord that will special order them, but nobody carries them. I'm kind of surprised. They are ten times better than Bob's Red Mill, which I can find at Shaws. But nobody has the good stuff.

Trader Joe's rice pasta (at $2.00 a bag) is just as good as Tinkyada (at $3.50 per bag).

My son has narrowed his diet even further. He will no longer eat yogurt or blueberries. Looking forward to a visit to the nutritionist next week.


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