Monday, July 16, 2007

Woman turns a found cellphone into a $10 gift certificate

I found a cellphone while walking down Prospect Street in Cambridge today. It was FULL of numbers, but none with convenient monikers like "Home" or "Work." I label my numbers as obviously as possible in case I'm unconscious somebody could just pick up my phone and call the entry marked "Home" or "Husband" or "Mom." But this phone list was infinitely more cryptic. I figured I'd try a few recently dialed numbers once I got the phone back to my house. But then when I was in Whole Foods it rang and I said "Hello? I found this phone on the street, and I don't know who it belongs to." Turns out the owner of the phone was on her way to pick up the caller in Boston. So they turned around and met me at my house an hour later.

They brought me a $10 gift certificate to 1369 to thank me. I'm not sure why, it wasn't a major inconvenience on my part. I suppose I could have made a whole bunch of long distance calls and kept the phone. But I just wanted to return it to its owner. So, now me and Kaylee will go to 1369 some morning and enjoy a little forbidden gluten. Whoo HOO!


Blogger Paula said...

call me when you do go to 1369 (Inman that is). I'm just down the street!


11:03 PM  

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