Monday, September 03, 2007

A Visit to New Hampshire ends in FABULOUSNESS

We went to a wedding at up at Lake Winnepausaukee. What a great place to bring a little family. The hotel was reasonable, the scenery was beautiful, and there were SO many cool things to do. The lake was warm and comfy to swim in, there was a train museum about every 10 feet.

And there is Storyland. For the uninitiated, Storyland is the Anti-Disney amusement park. The rides are mostly for the preschool set. Note Eric ferrying his father around in a swanboat to your left.

It's open and clean, and nobody is flogging junk food or cheesy souvenirs for ten bucks a pop in your face. It's a lovely place to bring little kids. We had a blast.

Here is Kaylee looking in the Mirror at Cinderella's Castle. Cinderella was a fresh faced, but sweaty sixteen year old with braces that gave a tour of her castle in a high squeaky voice, that may or may not have belonged to the actress.

Here's Kaylee at a restaurant we visited, demonstrating the proper way to wear a menu hat.

It was a great trip, and I'm hoping we can afford to rent a cottage up there next summer for a week.


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