Saturday, May 30, 2009


I was so sad about the CA supreme court upholding prop 8. I still am. It just seems so creepy that some thrice divorced church-going troglodyte gets to vote on somebody else's civil rights. Let's see, what other civil rights can we get a 53% majority to take away? I'm Jewish, my husband isn't. Let's invalidate my marriage in some states while we're at it!

In more immediate news, Summer has begun! The leaves in my backyard have all filled in, the grass is thick under my feet and my feeble attempts at gardening are looking kind of pretty. We spent the morning at Sandy Beach (now Shannon Beach). We were supposed to go to the WBOS music fest, but the kids were full of psycho energy and listening to music and being mellow did not seem to be encoded in their DNA today. So, we packed up many, many sandwiches, and piles of strawberries and grapes and headed to Winchester. I was worried that since we weren't getting there until noon, the place would be mobbed. But it absolutely wasn't. We got a primo parking spot, right next to the new play structure and practically had the whole beach to ourselves.

Except for The Toddler From Hell (TTFH). Let me explain. TTFH is a child between two and three that runs up and down the beach whilst his guardians schmooze or read a book. I think we've had one at Sandy Beach almost every time we've gone. TTFH then goes and steals other kids buckets and knocks down their sand castles while their parents ignore them from 50 feet away. It ended up working out fine, and my kids just abandoned their buckets to TTFH and played in the water. TTFH's parents continue to chat (usually in a language that is not English, which leads me to belive that perhaps this is a cultural difference, not bad parenting).

Eventually they leave, but not after a big messy diaper change on the beach. Ah, public parks. It was a fabulous day. I'm just being snarky because it was nothing but fun and that's boring, right?


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