Sunday, May 22, 2005

Communication! Without it, your book is frustrating.

Just finished Having It & Eating It by Sabine Durant. It's about Maggie Owen a downtrodden housewife with two small boys. Her husband is in the middle of a hellish summer at the advertising agency where he works, and she deduces that he's having an affair with a friend of hers from grammar school.

So, rather than confront him with the knowledge that she's caught him in a lie, she festers and eventually embarks on an affair of her own. The distance between them grows and their relationship falters.

The book doesn't have a lot of truth to it. Sure, people in long term committed relationships have trouble communicating, but this book takes it to an extreme. The heroine, is either an idiot, crazy or very selfish. When you have small children depending on you and your partner (they're not married) you owe it to them to at least have a discussion. Anyhow, can't say more in case somebody wants to actually read the book. Communication, even angry communication is much more interesting to read about than 325 pages of two people not having a discussion about the ten foot pink spotted elephant in the family room.

This is definitely one for the Salvation Army. I don't think I could stomach reading it again.


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