Saturday, June 11, 2005

Does anybody know how to get in touch with William Shatner? If so, please tell him that he is NOT, under any circumstances, welcome in my subconscious.

Five thirty AM, Eric called for us through the baby monitor. Eric's voice pulled me from my dream about William Shatner. He was on a spaceship with me and my family. He was singing tunelessly:

"How did I get so fat?
"How did I get so far?
"How did I get so far, so fat?"

over and over again. I was trying desperately to figure out if this was a sing-along or if he was indeed doing a solo performance.

Why? Why was he there SINGING for God's sake? I'm not a Trekkie. I really liked Next Generation circa about 1992-1993 and I've seen most of the movies and enjoyed them. But I really have no idea what Shattner was doing lurking in the dark recesses of my brain.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dear Margaret,
Here is your horoscope
for Monday, June 6:

You're the one with the bright idea, and you've got the communication skills to convey it perfectly. Get it out there while you can, and enlist some help for all the pesky details that are involved.

My horoscopes are starting to freak me out. I'm very good at dealing with stuff over the phone, but this is crazy. Every call to change my phone service or cable or whatever seem to take aeons. It's not really something I can delegate.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

I'm so exhausted I think my head is going to fall off

Up at 5:45 with The Boy. It's much brighter at my parent's house than it was at my condo, so I can't go back to sleep once he gets up.

We've been playing and shopping for a couple days now. We had to get new mattresses for us and the Boy. So, we went where everybody else in Boston goes: Jordans Furniture. It's this colossus of a furniture store with family entertainment, and, I kid you not, and indoor trapeeze school. Not sure what Trapeze School has to do with sofas, but it's there. They have an IMax and about four restaurants.

Their furniture is OK. Mattresses are mattresses and every time I go there, I get a slightly better one than I did the last time.

We went to Walden Pond super early this morning and it's my new favorite summer activity. We were there by 8:30. No big deal to us, we'd already been up for hours. Usually when I go there it's so mobbed you have to wait to park. But we practically had the place to ourselves.

Anyhow... Too exhausted to write creative prose tonight.

Suffice it to say that we've started to move into our temporary digs, and we've got movers booked for tomorrow. We had to get them to help us pack because there was just no way to organize that with The Boy around. If we'd had more time, we could have worked something out. But I suppose that's why we have insurance...


Although we have yet to actually see any money...