Friday, June 04, 2004

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when I was pregnant I had these dreams that I had to tell Rich that somebody else was the baby's father. But as these pictures show, my dreams were obviously unfounded Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Here's Eric as he turns Three Quarters. He's crawling. He can crawl. That's cool. Posted by Hello
Eric turned Three Quarters Yesterday

I took the day off and visited a preschool that offered us a spot for next fall. I LOVED it at their open house, but I did not love it when I visited it. I was very underwhelmed. To begin with, it was very expensive. They only had one teacher, plus a parent helper for six babies. The parent helper today was a sub, who spent the entire hour we were there cutting fruit for the snack. While I was very impressed to see the kids all munching their fruit, I couldn't believe this woman had her back to the kids while she fixed the snack. I also couldn't believe it took her an hour to cut fruit. I've made five course meals in less time than it took her to cut up the fruit. But the regular teacher was so nice and the space was great. The clincher was that they required six hours of parental time PER WEEK. It's not really designed for working adults. It's designed for families where one parent doesn't work, and the other makes a butload of $$$$. Plus, until we move to Harrison Street, it will be very difficult to get him there.

So, we called our local Mulberry. They're significantly cheaper and they don't require a parent helper. The only caveat could be he'll start when he's 12 months, and the toddler room starts at 15. I think it would be really tough on him if he has to switch classrooms after three months. But this way we can keep Sara the Super Nanny part time. I really want to keep her together with Eric.

The upshot of the day was that we learned that sending him to daycare is the right thing to do. He was so happy to be there looking at the other kids and exploring the room without somebody chasing after him. There seem to be no catboxes at daycare :-). When they all sat down for story time, he sat down too. He was the only kid there trying to eat the book, but he seemed to get it.

Sara the Super Nanny was sick today for the first time since I went back to work in November. Fortunately I already took the day off to visit the pre-school, so she couldn't have picked a better day. We're so lucky like that.

We're off to Minnesota in a couple weeks. I haven't been there since my grandmother's 75th birthday party in 1993. We're paying for this trip ourselves. We NEVER pay for our vacations. We usually go to Florida to see my grand'rents or go to The Farm. Both trips are all expenses paid for the most part. But I think it's really important to bring Eric to meet my aunts and my grandmother. I also really want him to meet Kathy and Bill, the parents of the Eric he was named after.

Should be a good trip.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day Weekend 2004

We headed west around 5 on Friday and got to The Farm around 7:30. It was just family this weekend. Zaida, The Neice, was up with my parents since Thursday. Sarah turned up late Saturday night. We hiked up the mountain with The Boy in a backpack. He's started wanting to nurse all the time again, day and night. It's strange. He seems to be going through phases. Perhaps it's the fact that he suddenly has 7 teeth. Tonight it's only 9:30 and he's woken up crying 4 times. But usually we just go back in there and make shushhing noises and he goes back to sleep.

But the weekend was lovely. My mother got a six burner stove, so GO MOM. With all the cooking we do out there, it really makes sense. They're in the process of reconfiguring the kitchen to create more counter space. However I don't think they'll actually get anything until they find something PERFECT. And that's tough.

Somebody in Salem is selling this house. I totally want it. I've had this fantasy about living in a converted church. As much as I love Salem, I don't want to live there right now. I'd rather be closer to my parents. We hang out with them a lot. I like having the help with my kid :-) And all our friends are here!!