Saturday, February 05, 2005

What a blissful day. It went up to 55 degrees and we took Eric to the zoo. The Stone Zoo about 15 minutes or so from our house is tiny run-down but incredibly sincere and very fun for families with small children. An older kid might get bored, but Eric loves to watch the 'big kitties' jaguars, snow leopards and cougars. He also loves to splash in the puddles and run around outside. He cried when we put him back in the car. Like us, he is looking forward to Spring.

Helen our realtor came by today to appraise our place. It's worth pretty much what we thought. There is a lot of competition around, but our place is so unique that she was very confident that it would sell. It probably won't sell quickly, but it will sell.

Rich went to the Harvard Princeton game tonight so I had some time with the boy to myself. An excellent day.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Eric and Rich eating some cookies... Posted by Hello

The Maestro (From Mid-December). Posted by Hello
Finally feeling a little better. I had to go to the hospital yesterday to get my penicillin though. Apparently my Dr's office now has a policy in place where they won't prescribe antibiotics over the phone. Fortunately the Somerville hospital has something called 'express care' for cases like mine. They take cases that aren't an emergency, but were you'd go see your doctor if it were a weekday. But it only took about an hour and fifteen minutes for the whole thing. That's about the average trip to my doctor.

Rich took Emily to Target yesterday afternoon while I snoozed. Poor Emily got Eric's plague within 12 hours of coming to take care of him and missed all of last week at work. I felt so bad. So, the target trip was the first in the series of stuff we want to do to make it up to her. She walked down here in three feet of snow to watch Eric in a very smelly house, and then she got sick herself.

Eric's had a cranky couple of days. His top molars are coming in piecemeal. He's got two tooth bumps on either side of a strip of gum. It's been like that for months. His vocabulary is expanding, but I still expect him to be a late talker. He uses words sparingly, but he understands everything. He pushes his truck across the floor and I say 'Let Go!' and he does and the truck continues on its on for a few feet.

Hopefully the pox has left my house and we'll all be healthy going forward. Rich has an interview on Monday. Maybe something will come of that.

Keep your finger crossed for us.