Friday, January 02, 2009

Sleepless in Somerville

Kaylee bit holes in three different pacifiers in the last week. Tonight she bit a chunk out of the last one and that was it, she's done. She has to be. If she bites the tip off in the night, she could choke on it and that would be unthinkable. So, suddenly, way before we had planned it we are just done with her 'passy'

She is totally dependent on them for sleeping. She has been almost since the first week she was born. We never use them outside of the crib or car. But now, we just have to stop and she is Not. Happy. About. It.

I was getting her ready for bed and she asked for her passy and I went to give it to her and saw the bite marks in it. She threw it in the trash herself and I explained that we were out of binkies and that was it. So we've been sitting in the den across the hall from her room listening to her cry for us for almost two hours. When we go in, it seems to make her even more upset. Whichever one of us goes in, she wants the other one. But Rich finally went in and lay down with her on the futon and put her back in her bed and she seems to have settled for the moment.

We'll get through this. I just wish she'd let me comfort her at times like this.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

If We Had to Miss The Playoffs..

I'd rather do it because the Jets lost and not because we lost to Buffalo. We listened to the Patriots on our way up from Connecticut where we were visiting the In-laws. I wondered when I heard the reports of the goal posts being blown askew, why would New Jersey have an indoor stadium and Buffalo plays outdoors? And why in the Hell does New York have three freaking teams? New York sports make no sense to me.

Christmas was fun this year. We spent most of the actual day with my sister and her family. My parents fled to Western, MA and we'll be celebrating with them on Tuesday. Rich got me a fancy, girly bike which I've been lusting after for a long time. He also got me ballroom dancing lessons, complete with a promise of babysitting from my mom so we can actually attend them. He also got me a little wheel that helps you calculate when you want to double a recipe or cut it in half.

So, of course I said "You think I'm fat and I cant do math, right?"

But of course he doesn't. The ballroom dancing lessons feels like the most romantic thing in the world right now. It's a guaranteed date night, a little exercise and the knowledge that my husband wants to hang out with me like that after almost 9 years of marriage. Even the bike is a promise of quality time when the weather changes.

I'm bummed about the Patriots. Really bummed. But between Joss Whedon's new show and our new president, and my new date night, I'm still counting my blessings.