Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm almost afraid to write about this because I'm afraid it will disappear like the dream where you win the lottery and Karl Rove gets dragged away in handcuffs in the same day. But I digress.

Eric has slept past six for over a week now, and he even makes it until 7:30 some days. His bedtime kept creeping back due to the vast pile of books we now read to him before bed. Then he wants to "Lie Down Mamma." Then he wants to "Lie down Daddy." But the time he makes it to "Own Bed," it's close to 9:00. We had tried the later bedtime numerous times before, but it's suddenly started working. This is a blessed event compared to the 5:00 AM wake-up calls we've gotten consistently over the past year.

"Eric it's dark out. It's time to sleep."
"LIGHT ON!! GET OUT. PLAY TRAINS!!" and "Mema's House!" (translation, my mother's living room because we are living at Mema's house until our house is finished, which will hopefully be before my 40th birthday in 5 years.

But lately he's slept later. It's been pretty nice.

I'm counting my blessings at the moment, and that's a pretty big one.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I think my second book on parenting will be called "Put Your Tussie [here]." It seems like I say that to Eric several times a day whether I'm trying to get him to sit in his high-chair, car-seat or stroller. "Put your tussie in the car seat please!" or "Put your tussie in the stoller!" "Sit down on the slide. Put your tussie on the slide, please." It goes on and on. It's amazing how much parenting is done by telling your toddler where to put his posterior. He calls it his "tootie" (also the word for cookie, and inexplicably "airplane")

I was out sick yesterday and already this day had ground to a halt. I'm grumpy and stressed. Our new house is going so slowly. The contractor wants to wait another day to start on the floors because of the humidity. He's worried that if the lay it now, the boards will shrink later as the humidity decreases.

Still waiting for a 'normal' buyer for the condo. IE one who is seriously looking and doesn't have a long list of things that need to be in place before making an offer. This is looking to be a long wait.

Grrrr Argh.