Friday, February 24, 2006

Blues on the Redline

I am having a baby in about six weeks. There is no mistaking this jutting mass in front of me for anything but the pregnancy that it is. I am wearing ugly pants with a dark blue cut-out that is supposed to cover my giant belly. (But it usually folds itself down just below it). These are clearly maternity pants. There is no more mistaking me for a merely plus-sized woman.

And even though I ride the T every evening, only ONCE has somebody offered me a seat. I need a button that says "Yes, I AM pregnant. And I WOULD like to SIT DOWN!" I have somebody kicking my bladder from inside. I am subject to light-headedness and my balance is CRAP. Why, won't people in my usually wonderful hometown get their lazy butts out of their seats.

My pregnant friends have told me that people pretend not to notice the giant pregnant woman standing in front of them. What's wrong here??

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cribbage: Getting ready for a new baby

I thought Eric would have started to make noises by now about wanting a big-boy bed. But instead he is sleeping more and more independently in his crib. He is very possessive of his "own" bed. He has spent part of a night in our bed once in the last few months, and that was when he was sick. I've offered it if he wakes up thirsty. He's been sick lately, so that's been happening a lot. He'll start to cough and want something to drink in the night.

So, the crib won't be available for the new baby any time soon. I plan on co-sleeping with the new baby, so I'm guessing that he'll probably regress a bit and want to come back into our bed as well. So, I purchased an arms reach co-sleeper to attach to the bed. I figure, with the sidecar arrangement crib, there will be room for Eric and the baby should we need it. Then I posted a "wanted" add on craigslist for a regular full-sized crib and a lovely woman from New Hampshire drove me down a crib and mattress that she sold me for 100 bucks. It's about 8 years old, but it was owned by 2 families who used it about a total of 10 times. So, I feel a little more ready. We've got places for her to sleep. We got a dresser at Ikea that Rich got put together so, there's a place to keep her clothes. But we still don't have an infant carseat. I ordered new cushions for my glider. The old ones were covered in broken glass during the Sycamore Street fire. So, hopefully those will be ready for us to pick up at Boston Baby in the next couple weeks and we'll get the rest of the stuff we need then.

So, I guess we're nesting. The baby is due in about six weeks and I'm showing some signs that she will be early. But you can never tell. Unfortunately she's still breach, so unless she flips before I go into labor, we're looking at a C-Section.