Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Life in T-Shirts

I was clearing out my drawers today and found a 25 year old T-Shirt.

It was given to my sister around 1985 when she turned 20. It says: twentysomething in the font from the TV show thirtysomething. My dad used to play basketball in it. It's huge and I generally use it as a nighty in the summer. It's a faded brown where it used to be a dark black and the fabric is so thin I wouldn't be surprised if it disintegrated in the night.

I found a sweatshirt from 1989 that says "Sarah Lawrence Department of Athletics" that I got for my participation on the Equestrian Team.

I found a California Berkeley sweatshirt that I swapped my sister for when we were both in college in '91. The sleeves are frayed and there's little holes around the edge of the hood.

I found a frayed green T-Shirt from the art institute of Chicago that I got for my dad in about 1995 that says "Architecture" with a dictionary definition of it. Somehow I ended up back with it. You can barely read the words now they are so faded.

I found a T-shirt that said "Beehive 1.0" from about 1999 from one of my start up jobs at the long defunct

I found a long sleeved T from Networld, an exhibit I worked on at the Museum of Science and Technology in Chicago from 2000; Also from a defunct startup.

How did my clothes get so old? How did I get so old?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

And She Punted...

So, Eric (4.5) and I were making some muffins today when he turned to me and said "How did I get into your tummy?"

My tongue immediately tied up in knots. "Uh. Why were you wondering that?" Just act casual. Maybe he won't notice you're sweating.

"I just am." typical Eric answer to almost every questing regarding his motivations.

"Were you talking about it in school?" Stall!! Stall!!

"No, I was just wondering how I got into your tummy."

"Daddy put you in there."

"Oh." He looked a bit confused. "Daddy put me in your tummy? How?"

And this, my friends is one of my least proud moments in parenting. "Magic. He used magic."

"Magic?" He looked amused and not in the least bit convinced.

"So, do you want to make muffins, or do you want to talk about this some more?" Maybe my phone will ring?

"I want to make muffins AND talk about this."

"Um... Maybe we need to get a book to explain it better. Can you stir the batter?"

And the subject was temporarily dropped.

Blogger's Block

I keep having things happen throughout the day that I think, I should blog about this! Then evening falls, the kids are in bed, the house is quiet and I'm like what the hell was I going to write about? It's happened to me every night this week.

It's been a bit of a slow week. Rich worked very late on Tuesday and I found myself googling guys I dated in the early '90's. It was entertaining to say the least. One had a myspace page with his "music" where he was just moaning with some tinny guitar playing in the background. It was coupled with a hideously unflattering photograph. So lovely. Rich came home and I told him what I was doing. We (like everybody else in the Western World) like to googlestalk people that we haven't seen in decades.

This is my favorite time of year. Spring in New England is like a release from prison. Suddenly we can go outside in the afternoons.

Unfortunately, I won't be around the kids as much during the week this summer. I offered to pick up a few more hours at work because my boss is going on maternity leave sometime in the next two weeks. I think working at the office to pick up the slack will be less stressful than letting things fall through the cracks while she's away. At least this way, I get paid for the extra hours and can afford more childcare.

Speaking of childcare, my dad agreed pick up Eric from school once a week next fall. So, I only have to do one drop off and one pick up per week. This is going to work out just fine.