Thursday, September 06, 2007

An Open Thank You to an Anonymous Good Samaritain

We took a trip to Whole Foods today on Putnam Ave in Cambridge. I used to avoid "Whole Paycheck" like the plague, but they are the only place in town that has the gluten free cereal that Eric likes to eat.

The store is on the second floor above a garage and after a successful shop, we came down in the elevator. Kaylee was in my arms and the doors opened and I heard an unholy screech of pain. Eric had managed to wedge his fingers between the elevator door and the wall as it was opening. Don't ask me how. I didn't actually see it happen. He. Was. Stuck.

I couldn't put Kaylee down because the elevator opens right to an alcove that goes to the parking lot. And Kaylee would have made a break for it. I was desperately trying to free Eric with one hand, either by pulling open the elevator or pulling on his hand. Neither tactic was working and I screamed "Help!"

A guy roughly my dad's age dropped his grocery bag on the ground and help me wrestle with the elevator door. He quickly dropped that tactic and gently yanked Eric's fingers from the door. He picked him up and held him because by this time Kaylee was hysterical over her brother's ordeal.

I was too freaked out to say much more than thank you. I put Kaylee in the sling that I had thought to bring and took Eric from this kind man. And I went off to search a quiet place where we could sit down to assess whether there was anything seriously wrong with Eric's hand.

So, I said goodbye to this really good man. But I don't think I thanked him properly. I really don't. I was so freaked out.

I asked Eric if we needed to go home, or if we should go to the park. (There is an AWESOME park across the street from that Whole Foods.)

"I (sob) want (sob) to (sob) go (sob) to (sob) the (sob) park!" More sobs. But he was fine emotionally and physically by the time we crossed Putnam Ave.

So, I called Rich and cried on the phone while I watched the kids play. They were both fine. Truly. But I don't think I thanked the guy who helped me properly and I don't feel good about that.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Visit to New Hampshire ends in FABULOUSNESS

We went to a wedding at up at Lake Winnepausaukee. What a great place to bring a little family. The hotel was reasonable, the scenery was beautiful, and there were SO many cool things to do. The lake was warm and comfy to swim in, there was a train museum about every 10 feet.

And there is Storyland. For the uninitiated, Storyland is the Anti-Disney amusement park. The rides are mostly for the preschool set. Note Eric ferrying his father around in a swanboat to your left.

It's open and clean, and nobody is flogging junk food or cheesy souvenirs for ten bucks a pop in your face. It's a lovely place to bring little kids. We had a blast.

Here is Kaylee looking in the Mirror at Cinderella's Castle. Cinderella was a fresh faced, but sweaty sixteen year old with braces that gave a tour of her castle in a high squeaky voice, that may or may not have belonged to the actress.

Here's Kaylee at a restaurant we visited, demonstrating the proper way to wear a menu hat.

It was a great trip, and I'm hoping we can afford to rent a cottage up there next summer for a week.

Newsflash! Kids get bigger. Much Bigger

Eric turned four on Saturday. He's been really into hiking in the woods.

Here are some pictures of him and his grandpa (my dad) hiking at Catamount State Forest in Western, MA. Our farm abuts the old roads that go up to the top of the hill.

There is a lake that was built up there during the depression in the 1920's. It's probably a little more than a mile up the mountain, and he ran most of it.

Whenever he got tired he sat in a pool of sunlight and "got his energy back."

There is something about this picture that I find particularly moving. He is only one day after his fourth birthday and he looks so inexplicably composed and mature here. It's a look I hope to be seeing a lot of, but one I'm not entirely ready for.