Saturday, August 04, 2007

And the Idiot Award Goes TO: ME!

I tried to get a hair cut today. There's one stylist I've been going to for years, but I couldn't remember the name of the place she works. (Haven't been there since I was pregnant with K 2 years ago). So, I did some random googling based on what I thought it was called and found something appropriately named.

I called up and asked if she worked there, and the receptionist with the mediocre English insisted that she did. But the name of the place didn't sound quite right to me. I called later to confirm the name of the stylist, and she said "Yes, yes," but wouldn't say the name herself.

So, I got up and jumped on the T and went to South Boston and realized the place I thought I was calling was A) Closed and B) had a totally different name.

I suppose my favorite stylist could have switched salons and coincidentally ended up at the place I had called. But I doubt it. I think the sketchy receptionist deliberately misled me.

So, I was sad, I felt really, really stupid. I went back to downtown crossing and drowned my sorrows in the Eddie Bauer Outlet to the tune of over $100. (LOVE that place).

I ended up getting a pedicure on Newbury Street and schlepping my EBO haul in the heat. It was not a wasted morning. But still. It's not the morning I wanted. At least I know what the name of the freaking salon is now. I'll try again soon.

Desperately need a hair cut. It's been over a year and if my ends split any higher I shall go bald.

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Rules of Accomplishment

Sometimes it takes me nearly a week to complete a load of laundry. When it gets hot like this, it's not unusual. I have to focus all my energy on keeping the kids safe, because I have so little energy to begin with (or so it seems).

My tolerance for the heat has improved since I became a parent. But after a few days of over 90 degree heat, I'm pretty shot for patience.

I screamed at Eric in a Cambridge park today. That was NOT the DONE thing. Usually when somebody's kid is clobbering a 15 month old baby the parent will maybe put down their cell phone and have a serious conversation about why it's inappropriate to hit a baby with a bucket.

But me, if a situation needs immediate attention, I'll scream. But that's just me.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just for Variety: I present my cousin Sammy

He's off to Iraq in a bit. But here he is last month at his going away party.

We miss you Sammy. Come home soon.

Eric Pushes Kaylee On the Swing

My Daughter Does a Little Lite Reading

Monday, July 30, 2007

Falling Down the Learning Curve

We spent the weekend in Western MA. My dad made some regular pancakes on Saturday morning and Kaylee snarfed them up. Eric was in another part of the house eating fruit and cheese like he usually does. He has never liked pancakes, so it's not an issue for him not to eat them.

But then he drank out of Kaylee's sippy cup later and today he has a tummy ache. Argh! We can't expect everybody to be gluten free everywhere we go. But I wish I could predict these things a little better.

I just wish I could trade places with him. I wish it was me, so that he didn't have to go through this. I don't care if I ever eat gluten again, or if I get stomach aches if I make a mistake. But I sure care that he does.

But it doesn't work that way. He has to go through the health that he was dealt. But it makes me really sad sometimes.