Saturday, February 16, 2008

Busy Times Coming Up

Somehow in a 2 week period, my nanny is having surgery, I have Jury Duty, Rich is having a surgical thingy that will require me to pick him up. And I'm going to Arizona on a business trip.

I got the jury duty moved from Framingham to Somerville, so that will make life easier. I've done it once before. I sat around for a morning and they sent me home. My sister and parents have all been on juries in the past few years, so I figure I'm due. I believe in the system. If I ever found myself in the court system, I hope somebody like me would be on my jury. So, I'll go and tell the truth and take it very seriously. Because, even though it comes at a really rotten time, it's really, really important.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Where There's Farts, There's Daddy?

When I was growing up, whenever anybody farted or smelled anything bad, we'd say "Oh, Daddy!"
Baby in the car soils her diaper: "Oh Daddy!"
Driving past a cow farm? "Oh Daddy!"
Walking past the sewer treatment plant when it's broken "Oh, Daddy!'

But Kaylee is 22 months old. She couldn't possible know about this little joke, right? But then the other night she was hanging out with her dad, and totally let one rip. She turned to my husband and said hopefully, "Daddy poop?"

"No, Kaylee YOU farted!" Geesh! She's already blaming Daddy.

Go figure.