Saturday, September 29, 2007

A nice Irrational Walk in the Fells

After living 37 years on this area, I finally made it up to The Fells to go hiking today. It was lovely, I'm definitely going back. We Hiked up to an old tower and climbed up it and I tried to enjoy the view.

I'm afraid of heights. Dramatically, desperately and completely irrationally. I had to hold up Eric so he could see the view and he was a little wiggly and I almost started screaming, I was so terrified he'd fall over the edge. The tower is quite rickety an the railing is missing chunks in part, so it wasn't completely crazy of me to be very worried. But it was mostly crazy.

I wasn't always like this. Then one time a few years back, I went on a tour of The House of the Seven Gables in Salem. I realized during that cramped tour through tiny rooms with dozens of people that I am completely claustrophobic. My heart started pounding, my breath was short and erratic, and I was terrified we'd all burn up in there if there was a fire. Again, it wasn't completely irrational. If there had been a fire, the house would have gone up in about 2 seconds. 400 year old wood is like that. The windows were too small for an adult to fit through, and that's if a firetruck could even get close enough to help people out safely. But what are the chances of it burning down the day I'm on a tour there? The odds were definitely in my favor.

But ever since that day, I've had this weird thing with heights and small spaces. It makes me really fun to fly with, let me tell you! However, I do pull myself together to fly on an airplane. Because of the kids. Otherwise, I'd just bring a bunch of vallium and sing the whole way down to Florida.

But back to The Fells. The kids were quite good. Kaylee didn't do much walking. She did run up to Eric and grab his hand a few times and they would walk together looking absurdly pleased with themselves. Kaylee loves it because she loves to be with him. Eric loves it because he loves to be with her, and it makes him feel big and responsible. Their relationship is so amazing. I suppose they'll fight more once she starts talking. But for now, they're quite magical together.

You worry so much about what you're taking away from your first born when you give them a sibling. But you don't really fathom what you're giving them until you see it yourself. It's really quite remarkable.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Because They're Who They Are

I present:

The Siblings in all their glory.

My Own Brand of Crazy

Everybody is crazy. Being an adult means that you understand the things and situations that cause irrational responses in you, and try to adjust accordingly.

The things that I have completely irrational responses to (in no particular order):

Pickles: HATE them. I have to pick them off my plate with a napkin because I don't want to touch them. If my burger has pickles on it, I have to send it back. I will however eat Russian Dressing on a reuben. I know, it makes no sense at all.

Corduroy: I can't touch corduroy without getting that feeling that somebody cut my nails too short. Most people find it soft and velvety. But I HATE it. My kids wear it and as long as it's on their bodies, it's fine. But the minute it comes off, I want to use tongs to put it into the laundry.

Veganism: In particular families who raise their kids as vegans from the get go. Having a kid on a restricted diet is a godawful burden for any child. I want to punch anybody who would do this for personal reasons. (remember, I'm talking about irrational responses here)

It's a relatively short list. The last one was added recently. I always thought that was odd, but suddenly it makes me (irrationally) furious.

What is your personal brand of crazy?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

To Every Generation A Blogger Is Born: Or Six

I seem to be one of six Boston area bloggers chosen to be a PAID blogger for the fabulous real estate site I am beyond thrilled. I love writing about the bastion of kookiness that is the Somerville and Cambridge real estate market. And it will be nice to write when I'm not vested in buying and selling. I have to attend open houses for work. Um OK. That will just be... totally AWESOME!

This is my first paid writing gig and I'm a little verklempt about it.

Conference call tomorrow and I should more info.

Gonna get paid to blog about something I love. WHOO HOO!