Friday, January 26, 2007

He's Just not that in to You

Tower Records is closing all their stores. The 2 story Tower in Harvard Square is now a husk that will probably become a bank, a mall store, or a place to get a cell phone, just like everything in the Square. You can't throw a dead cat in Harvard Square without hitting a cell phone store or a bank. I never enjoyed hanging out in Record Stores, but Tower had it's uses.

Back when I was single and looking for Rich (but I didn't know that at the time) I'd meet some random guy if a date ensued we'd usually go on a date in Harvard Square. We'd eat or go to a movie and wander around The Square. If we ended up at a coffee shop, the date was going well. If the date ended up at Tower, it was like a skywriter was flying over head writing "This Guy will NEVER Call You Again." Nothing SCREAMS "I'm SO not into you" than taking a girl to a record store on a first date. Now what is the early warning system? A text message? An IM? Does he text her:
"I'm jst nt dat N2 u" or "wsh der wz stil a record stoR n harvard sq." Actually, there is. Newbury Comics is still in The Garage. But a trip to Newbury Comics on a date could go either way. It could mean, "I'd rather die alone and be eaten by cats than go out with you again." or "I'm not sure how I feel, so let's cruise around The Garage, maybe get some ice cream and go to Newbury Comics in the scheme of things." A trip to Newbury definitely left you in a gray area. But Tower, man. That was indisputable. Time to find a new guy.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Here's my little Patriots kids. Baby Corey Dillon and Preschool Tom Brady. For some reason all the lettering in the Dillon onesey came off over the last 4 months since I bought it. But she had nearly outgrown it. I'm sure it would have made it one more game, but now we can safely put it in the "Outgrown" pile. We're done with the jerseys until the fall. I'm flabbergasted that I'm even remotely upset about this.

Who have I become?