Thursday, February 17, 2005

"Where's mommy's belly button?" He finds it and laughs. He gives it a quick poke with his hand. "Where's daddy's belly button?" He jumps on Daddy and pokes his finger into Daddy's belly button. "Eric, where's your belly button?"

He looks suspicious, but leans back and looks down at his stomach. He lifts his pajama top and plants his index finger on his belly button. His face registers complete surprise! Why did no-one tell me there was a belly button there? Pleased smile follows.

So fabulous to be his mom.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What the heck is this? I'm having anxiety dreams about my husband's new job tomorrow. I dreamed he was much older and frail, and I was his trophy wife. But the feelings I had for him were definitely my feelings that I only have for Rich: That mixture of total devotion, admiration and faith, combined with a shake of frustration and a whole lot of laughs. But in this dream he was small and a little doddering. They took us to a compound for a corporate "retreat" but we soon realized that we were prisoners, and I had to distract a guard so he could get away.

I guess I really want this job to work out. But I don't really worry about him getting kidnapped by corporate terrorists. Oh well, the subconscious is a mystery.

We gave away our couch last night. I posted it on Craigslist and somebody came and got it. Rich and I found it in a used furniture store for $75 about six years ago. And we definitely got our $75 worth. She seemed really excited about it, so we were happy. We are trying to minimize our decor to sell our house, and we didn't want to move it to the new house. It was kind of sentimental, we refinished the wood together, but you have to get rid of old furniture, or you'll never get new furniture. My parents have these crappy white particle-board bookcases in their bedroom that they've had for 20 YEARS. They bought them as "temporary" furniture and never bought nice ones. I have a rule that we're aren't allowed any particle-board veneered stuff. I did break that for a Target bookcase we have in the baby's room. But that was a special case. We were poor and we really needed SOMETHING in there to hold the vast quantities of baby STUFF we were accumulating very quickly.

So, that's the news of the moment.

Pea Salad (this is what I heard when people said "Peace Out" to each other in the early '90's)

Monday, February 14, 2005

Note to self: Weekends are for relaxing! It's Monday AM-ish and I'm exhausted. We spent the weekend packing up all our personal effects into plastic crates where they will sit in storage indefinitely. We're trying to pull a "designed to sell" on our Condo, and I think it will work. Most of what we need to store is books and bookshelves. We're getting rid of carloads of stuff as well. It's just so exhausting, but it feels really good to purge our house of all this stuff. I think it will look really nice when it's done. Plus it didn't help that Eric woke up at 5:30 both days. He tried to go back to sleep, but by 6:30 he gave up. Because my husband is a super-star, and a morning person, he gets up with Eric. But the night's sleep is pretty much shot by then and I'm still tired all day even if I get to sleep late.

He woke up at 4:45 this morning. I went in there to lay him back down, and he tried to climb up me when I went to hug him and lay him down. So, I snapped off his nightlight and he went back to sleep until 7:00 AM. So whoo HOO. What a difference, but I'm still really tired. It's just tough, because I can't get back to sleep easily under the best of circumstances. And I really can't get to sleep until I think he's actually drifted off because what's the point if he's just going to wake me up again a few minutes later?

And there's no end in site. Next weekend we have to paint. But then we're off to Florida on Wednesday night, so it will be SO nice to have a little vacation.

Rich and I BOTH forgot valentines day this morning. How sad is that? That's how tired and distracted we are.

Rich's aunt died on Friday. This is very sad. She was really kind to us at our wedding. He's off to her wake today and then to a dinner to honor her. What a way to spend valentines day, eh?